HOTTEST Chrome Apps

10/17 to 10/18

Top 20 Apps (& Extensions)

Across Entire Store, Most New Users

#1 Angry Birds

65,818 New Users

Birds! Slingshots! Destruction! Feathers! Fun!

8,805,548 Users

#2 Gmail Offline

61,569 New Users

Gmail Offline beta is a Gmail app built to support offline access, allowing mail to be read, responded to, searched and archived

3,492,272 Users

#3 Evernote Web

39,944 New Users

Save all of your ideas and experiences in Evernote, then access them from every computer and phone you use.

2,911,411 Users

#4 TweetDeck by Twitter

32,893 New Users

TweetDeck makes it easier for publishers, marketers and power users to track the real-time conversations they care about. It bri

1,626,672 Users

#5 Dropbox

28,709 New Users

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere.

2,590,423 Users

#6 Entanglement Web App

27,887 New Users

Create the longest path possible and challenge your friends in the game of Entanglement.

4,738,405 Users

#7 My Chrome Theme

26,766 New Users

Create and share Google Chrome themes of your own design.

2,588,983 Users

#8 Poppit!

25,749 New Users

The prickly puzzle game where popping balloons has never been so much fun! Pop colorful strings of balloons to earn a bonus!

4,524,876 Users

#9 Kindle Cloud Reader

22,840 New Users

Kindle Cloud Reader - Read Kindle books in your browser.

1,764,873 Users

#10 Google Play

22,001 New Users

A one-stop shop for all your favorite entertainment.

2,775,993 Users

#11 GeoGebra

21,826 New Users

GeoGebra is free dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that joins geometry, algebra, graphing, and calculus.

639,578 Users

#12 WeVideo - Video Editor and Maker

21,288 New Users

Online video editor: Easy. Accessible. Creative. Collaborative.

704,335 Users

#13 Pandora

21,284 New Users

Pandora is a free personalized radio service. Enter a song,artist or genre and we'll create a personalized station you’ll love.

1,848,502 Users

#14 Picasa

20,735 New Users

Fast and easy online photo sharing from Google with 1G of free storage.

2,268,704 Users

#15 Pixlr Editor

20,632 New Users

Full featured in browser photo editor!

1,035,756 Users

#16 TypingClub

19,218 New Users

Master touch typing using this free game / educational program. This online program will assist you with learning and improving…

429,470 Users

#17 feedly

18,595 New Users

Feedly is a news reader for creative minds. Seamless migration from Google Reader.

1,414,560 Users

#18 Desmos Graphing Calculator

16,559 New Users

Easy, beautiful, powerful, free! Brought to you by

450,540 Users

#19 Webcam Toy

16,321 New Users

Take photos with your webcam using over 70 free fun effects. Save photos to your computer and post to Twitter or Facebook!

1,930,837 Users

#20 Spotify - Music for every moment

16,132 New Users

Spotify - Music for every moment

954,854 Users

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