HOTTEST Chrome Apps

10/03 to 10/10

Top 20 Apps (& Extensions)

Across Entire Store, Most New Users

#1 Google Docs Quick Create

16,632 New Users

Create new Documents for Google Drive from your browser bar.

123,997 Users

#2 Tab Scissors

9,332 New Users

This simple tab organization tool divides one window into two.This extension works great with Tab Glue (, w

176,159 Users

#3 Tab Glue

8,465 New Users

This simple organization tool puts all of your Chrome tabs together into one window with a single click.It works great with Tab

118,712 Users

#4 extension

3,915 New Users

The easiest way to take notes synchronized with your favourite video lectures

59,834 Users

#5 word highlight

3,913 New Users

keywords highlight for Google Search and All

37,818 Users

#6 webPass

2,991 New Users

webPass - Chrome Extension

98,241 Users

#7 Page Monitor

2,736 New Users

Stays in the background and monitors web pages for changes.

233,248 Users

#8 Special Characters - Click and Paste

2,606 New Users

Copy special characters to the clipboard

35,901 Users

#9 Pandora Listener

2,347 New Users

Removes the annoying Are You Still Listening? from Pandora.

69,681 Users

#10 EffectyGram

2,210 New Users

EffectyGram is a easy and useful way to edit online your Instagram photos.

17,963 Users

#11 Open with Google Drive™ Viewer

2,152 New Users

Open online ZIP and RAR files with Google Drive Viewer

49,691 Users

#12 Auto-Translate

2,083 New Users

Automatically translate selection/mouseover text by google translate

102,369 Users

#13 Notable Extension

2,058 New Users

Notable lets you take any screenshot, sketch or wireframe and exchange notes on specific details with your team. Made by ZURB.

11,289 Users

#14 Multiple Tabs Search

1,721 New Users

Open multiple URLs or search for several words using Google search, each one in a new tab.

7,249 Users

#15 MyBristol Extension

1,663 New Users

MyBristol extension

15,618 Users

#16 Le Petit Érudit

1,489 New Users

Apprenez quelque chose de nouveau chaque jour!

29,412 Users

#17 Scrum for Trello

1,210 New Users

Adds Scrum to your Trello

98,522 Users

#18 Learn German - Wie Geht's

1,194 New Users

Interactive audio lessons and games for studying German

50,233 Users

#19 Speech Recognition for Text Inputs

1,187 New Users

Convert all text inputs in to speech-to-text inputs.

30,761 Users

#20 URLShortener

1,175 New Users

Shorten URLs and copy to clipboard or post to twitter directly.,,,, and others.

19,548 Users

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