HOTTEST Chrome Apps

03/31 to 04/01

Top 20 Apps (& Extensions)

Across Entire Store, Most New Users

#1 gScholar

13,189 New Users

gScholar - Invisible

195,022 Users

#2 Yandex

3,497 New Users

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689,249 Users

#3 QR Reader

2,473 New Users

Generates QR codes for URLs with just one click!

11,326 Users

#4 Page Monitor

1,539 New Users

Stays in the background and monitors web pages for changes.

209,798 Users

#5 Tab Glue

1,395 New Users

This simple organization tool puts all of your Chrome tabs together into one window with a single click.It works great with Tab

58,471 Users


1,383 New Users

This app provides faster user experience for Indian Railways trains search

488,908 Users

#7 Pics4Learning

1,342 New Users

Free Copyright-Free Photos for Education

14,373 Users

#8 Scrum for Trello

1,097 New Users

Adds Scrum to your Trello

80,970 Users

#9 Web Fonts enhanced by TypeDNA

939 New Users

TypeDNA Font Manager Application

2,199 Users

#10 Add-On

931 New Users

Saving has never been this easy!

300,307 Users

#11 EffectyGram

848 New Users

EffectyGram is a easy and useful way to edit online your Instagram photos.

21,756 Users

#12 Parental Controls & Web Filter from MetaCert

779 New Users

Protection for kids. Privacy for adults. MetaSurf helps you to block over 650 million pages of pornography.

66,398 Users

#13 MindMeister Quick Access

701 New Users

This extension lets you quickly access your personal MindMeister mind maps from the Chrome toolbar

9,635 Users

#14 Chrome Snake

674 New Users

Play snake at anytime just by opening a new tab

38,288 Users

#15 Notable Extension

636 New Users

Notable lets you take any screenshot, sketch or wireframe and exchange notes on specific details with your team. Made by ZURB.

9,745 Users

#16 Bookmark manager

617 New Users

Access the Bookmark manager window directly from the toolbar.

24,334 Users

#17 Screenr

616 New Users

Just click record. Screenr's web-based screen recorder makes ita breeze to create and share screencasts around the web.

39,189 Users

#18 Bookmark#

610 New Users

Allows you to treat folders as if they were tags.

3,572 Users

#19 Cloud To Butt Plus

580 New Users

Replaces the text 'the cloud' with 'my butt', as well as 'cloud' with 'butt' in certain contexts.

70,850 Users

#20 ScreenCastle

480 New Users

ScreenCastle is a screencast recorder and hosting service. You canrecord and share a screencast directly from your browser.

14,415 Users

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